Astrology Consultancy Services

It will include an overview of the birth chart with a focus on achieving one’s purpose in life, removing what is in the way of that purpose, and recommending traditional and modern Vedic remedies (Mantras, practices, gemstones, etc.) to support this process. Consultations may then go into specific topics as desired by the individual. Consultancy will combines Spiritual metaphors to support your material pursuits and overall purpose of  your birth in this universe.

This is a wonderful method to know events occurring in a short span of time or to know specific answers for specific questions without referring to your birth chart. This method is highly used in Western countries and this method tells the current feelings of any person instantly.

Know right Vastu in your home and apply Astro-Vastu remedies, if applicable, for well being, prosperity and overall success.

Clients Review (Shikha Choudhary)