Jyotish Consultancy

  • Include Overview of Birth Chart through Vedic Jyotish & KP System
  • Vetting through Horary and/or Prashna Charts
  • Traditional and Modern Remedies be provided
  • Consultancy will combine spiritual metaphors
Rs 7100

Vastu Consultancy

  • One hour Consultancy
  • Include Site Visit
  • Know right Vastu of your Home and/or Office
  • Astro-Vastu remedies for overall well being, prosperity and success
Rs 10001

FAQs on Consultancy and Readings

This Policy for 'Consultations' is applicable in case of the following services (Collectively termed as ‘Consultations’): • Jyotish Consultancy which may include Vedic Jyotish Reading, KP Astrology Reading, Prashna Chart Reading/ Horary Reading, Marriage match Making; • Tarot Card Reading; • Vastu Consultancy; and • Any other services which may be included by Astro Yodha.
Fill the forms against each service completely and we will get back to you with time availability. If you have some limitation with time please mention this in the form itself. Alternatively, you can also call and book an appointment through our number or email ID displayed on the website. Appointment will be scheduled after payment has been received. All ‘Consultations’ are done as per the slot availability in Indian Standard Time (IST) only.
Presently, waiting time for Jyotish Consultancy which may include Vedic Jyotish Reading, KP Astrology Reading, Prashna Chart Reading/ Horary Reading and Marriage Match Making, etc is approximately 6 months for initial consultations, and about four weeks for follow-ups. For Vastu Solutions waiting time is 1 month; and For Tarot Card reading waiting time is 2 days both for initial consultation as well as follow ups. Payment is to be made only after getting final schedule for ‘consultation’. Please do not pay before getting the schedule.
Yes, priority for consultations can be given if your case has been referred by Astrologers, Associated Jyotisha, Spiritual teachers, Gurus, etc.
Yes, you can opt for expedited consultancy but only in case of stringent or time sensitive situations. However, availability has to be checked through written /telephonic confirmation before-hand from our team. Only in case if availability is there, you will be provided slot for consultancy. However, the fees of expedited consultancy will be twice the amount of normal ‘consultation’.
All efforts shall be taken by you to ensure that you do not approach for re-scheduling of consultancy date and timings. But on account of your stringent or unavoidable circumstances, you may request for rescheduling of appointment only till 24 hours before the provided scheduled time. For example, If you have been provided an appointment on 01st January 2021 at 10:00 AM, then you can apply for rescheduling on or before 31st December 2020 10:00 AM. Any request for rescheduling appointment within 24 hours of scheduled appointment date and time, will be done only on payment of additional fees of Rs 50% of the specific service rate. Once additional payment is received, then new date and time of appointment will be provided. Further, in case the client is unable to appear for the consultation at scheduled time or not have applied for re-scheduling, then the existing amount will be forfeited. Any appointment further will only be provided after payment of fees for new consultation. However, AstroYodha members, due to personal stringency, can re-schedule consultancy timing. In such case, AstroYodha will intimate the same to the clients and provide option for rescheduling the appointments or provide option for refund fees paid to the clients. The clients are to apply for rescheduling / refund within 3 days from the date of intimation by Astro Yodha or its Team Members or its staff. Upon receiving the option from the clients, AstroYodha will take suitable and necessary action and re-scheduling or refund will be done within 7 days of receipt of option from the clients. However, if the client does not indicates his option for rescheduling/ refund within 3 days as mentioned above, then the amount paid will stand to be forfeited.
No refund of payment for ‘Consultation’ will arise to the users of AstroYodha except in case of rescheduling by AstroYodha or Members of AstroYodha.

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