Handbook on Rudraksh


Astro Yodha – Centre of Traditional Vedic Sciences has released a ‘Handbook on Rudraksha’

In this Handbook the following topics are covered:

  1. Extracts from Puran:
  2. What is Rudraksh?
  3. Where Rudraksh is found?
  4. What are the benefits of wearing Rudraksh?
  5. Who can wear Rudraksh?
  6. What is the relevance of bead size of Rudraksh?
  7. When shall Rudraksh be purchased and worn/ used by a native?
  8. How Rudraksh shall be worn?
  9. Can Rudraksh be worn every time?
  10. How to store a Rudraksh in Home if not being used?
  11. Can I share my Rudraksh with another person?
  12. How to prevent Rudraksh from getting damaged or being ineffective?
  13. How to deal with Rudraksh which is ineffective?
  14. How to condition and energise a new Rudraksh or a Rudraksh which you are wearing or using it?
  15. How to condition and energise a Rudraksh which you are wearing or using it?
  16. Why does Rudraksh change colour?
  17. How can we check fake Rudraksh?
  18. Should you change the Rudraksh mala when beads get broken?

You can access this free Handbook On Rudraksha’ by clicking in the link below.

Handbook On Rudraksha – Astro Yodha

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