Contents of ‘Master Vedic Jyotish Course’


Learn Authentic Vedic Jyotish from Tradition/ Lineage

Astro Yodha – Centre Of Traditional Vedic Sciences (ACTVS) was founded by Mrs. Shikha Choudhary and is registered under MSME, Government of India with an aim to promote knowledge of Traditional Vedic Science in India and abroad.

ACTVS educational and certification curriculum has been extensively developed and implemented since its inception under the guidance of the Dr. Bibhash Choudhary, having an experience of more than 16+ years, and who has learned Vedic Jyotish from his Grand Mother who was a village astrologer.

Further for the purpose of dissemination of knowledge on Traditional Vedic Sciences (Jyotish, Muhurta, Vastu Sastra, etc.), ACTVS, currently is offering course on Vedic Jyotish at very affordable price which has been taught by Dr. Bibhash:

  1. Vedic Jyotish – Beginners Course
  2. Vedic Jyotish – Advanced Course
  3. Tithi – Relevance and Remedies
  4. Free Sessions

The sessions are online recorded videos as deliberated by Dr. Bibhash Choudhary which include slokas from the following classics and explanation thereof:

  1. Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra
  2. Jaimini Upadesa Sutras
  3. Jataka Parijata
  4. Saravali
  5. Phala Deepika,
  6. A Compendium on KP Astrology
  7. Uttara Kalamitra etc.

In these courses hidden and secret dictums of the  tradition/ lineage has been mentioned wherever applicable which is coupled with spiritual and reference to Vedas.

And the best part of these courses is that no prior knowledge on astrology is required and no study material is required to be purchased by the students for reference or understanding thereof.

We urge you to buy these courses as the information is being disseminated at a very affordable price and learn the knowledge of the RISHIs and apply the principles of Vedanga in your life as well in the life of Others for well-being and prosperity.


The VALIDTY of the Courses will be 1 year from the date of purchase.


The content of the course can be accessed here.


Further, you are also eligible to apply for CERTIFICATION BY US (certificate of completion) and practice astrology professionally or apply for job in various online platforms. Please note that certification will be provided after payment of specified fees and completing the Vedic Jyotish Beginners course and Vedic Jyotish Advanced Course and other specified criteria mentioned separately.

This course contains approx 60 hours + of Video and the same can be accessed in the following link:

AstroYodha – Centre of Traditional Vedic Sciences

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