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The theme of writing books on KP System of Astrology was conceived in the year 2014 when I realized that many prospective astrologers are willing to learn KP Astrology, but due to improper dissemination of information, they could not learn this system of astrology. Therefore, in the year 2015, I authored a book titled ‘The Only Complete Compendium on KP Astrology’ which by God’s grace and your support, was acclaimed as the ‘largest selling title’ by the Publisher (in November’ 2015). This book was also referred by Astrology Institute’s for teaching purposes.

Thereafter, many persons have been requesting me to pen down series of books on ‘KP System of Astrology’ wherein complete step-wise information on theories, rules, practical examples and remedies could be mentioned so that the readers can understand this system of astrology just by reading these books. Being motivated and after a hard work, the following three series of book under the main title of ‘A Compendium of KP Astrology’ in the following sequence has been released: -
• Series 1: A Compendium on KP Astrology - Important Theories and Explanations.
• Series 2: A Compendium on KP Astrology – Basic Rules and Practical Horoscopes
• Series 3: A Compendium on KP Astrology – Remedies and Rituals

These three series of book have been written based on my personal experience and expertise over a decade thus it will serve as your tutor in unfolding many secrets of KP System of Astrology. Sincere endeavour has been made to capture all relevant theoretical expositions, base concepts and practical examples, remedies and rituals in a concise manner so that readers will get comprehensive first-hand knowledge and time-honoured views about this system of astrology. Further to mention that no prior knowledge or understating is required by readers for interpreting the contents in the books as the topics have been explained in a lucid manner.

It will not out of place to mention that many books on ‘KP System of Astrology’ have been written before this one and will be scripted after this one also; but I can promise you one thing that in these books you will get all the value and information you are looking for. And by the time you complete these volumes/ series of books, you will not only be be well versed in important theories of this system but you can also make prediction instantly with respect to all major/minor events occurring in your life and will be able to recommend remedies for mitigating the malefic effects of the Grahas or increasing the beneficence of the Grahas.

Furthermore, like any other branches of science, this ancient science of astrology can be learned, mastered and practiced easily, but, let me caution you that this book is not for everyone as I have written it only for serious aspirants who wish to benefit from the science of astrology after assuming the following truth: -
• That Astrology is a science.
• That continuous learning and practice will make you prefect.
• That all fortunate/unfortunate events are destined in our life.
• That future is to be made, it does not happen and
• Almighty God is Supreme.

This has been my unfailing experience in this field too and an astrologer cannot succeed in learning astrology and making predictions thereof without having reverence and belief on the afore-said truth.
I thank you once again for purchasing these books and wish you best of luck ahead.



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