Jan 20 - Feb 18

Physical Appearance:

The native born in this sign are generally tall in nature with fair complexion and handsome appearance.

Positive Traits:

They are intelligent and have immense intuitional capability, hence they are the great moralists and independent thinkers in the world. They are not carried away by flattery, hence they can act only after carefully considering the pros and cons of the situation. They follow their own principles and they refuse to follow the crowd. They work persistently in every sphere and are the best persons to handle any situation with ease and confidence. They are inspirational, have broad outlook and better understanding of human psychology. They are not selfish and prefer to help everyone in need.

Negative Traits:

They are stubborn and resist changes in accepting or implementing new ideas. They have strong likes and dislikes as such they sometimes prove to be contrary just to be different. They are slow in understanding and interpreting things. They are reserved in nature and are mostly impersonal.

Finance & Fortune:

They will earn money and will generate savings over a period of time. They will also earn money by way of inventions and discoveries. They will neither be economical and nor extravagant.


They are loyal, kind and easy going lovers. They prefer educated and intelligent partner. They are stimulating, innovative and creative in love. They are steadfast in their affection but does not like to show off. They have happy married life only if their spouse is intelligent like them else they will prefer another partner who is intelligent. They have individuality and mannerism and will remain faithful till they are fenced in. They are noble lovers and have magnanimous heart.


The native born in this sign may suffer from dental problems, tonsils, heart related problems, rheumatic pains, skin disease, elephantiasis, eczema, eye-trouble, blood-pressure and insomnia.


The native will have average health and less immunization power from fighting disease.


It represents profession such as occult science, psychological studies, government service, engineers, research scholars, proficient astrologers and heads of religious or charitable institutions.

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