May 21 - Jun 20

Physical Appearance:

The natives are tall and upright and are coupled with moderate complexion (nor fair nor dark). They have long hands, sharp eyes, long nose and charming personality.

Positive Traits:

They are dynamic and have the ability to adapt in any circumstances. They have the ability to adapt the positive traits of others. They are good readers and are fond of writing. They are highly intellectual and have strong memory power with immediate recollection ability. They have strong power of understanding, analyzing and grasping things. They are good learner and have the curiosity to learn new things. They are versatile, flexible, joyous and positive minded. They have sweet tongue and are respected in the society. They are good analysts, hence they become great inventors.

Negative Traits:

The native is careless and is unable to finish work in scheduled time frame and budget constraint. They are not good administrator, hence do not prove to be good bosses. Due to fickle mindedness and duality of thoughts, the native is unable to take quicker decisions. They are known for self-destruction. Due to weak concentration, anxiousness and hastiness, they always have a tendency to ask about the outcome of the work undertaken beforehand itself.

Finance & Fortune:

The natives will not have stable income. They will either have good fortune or misfortune at any given point of time.


They are good love partners and does intriguing romance due to elegance and flirty nature. They prefer to talk on sexual and love matters more. They have strong mental appeal in love as a result of which the opposite sex is attracted. They have family disputes and become intolerable if their married partners come in their way for love and sex. They have secret love affairs but try to lead harmonious married life tactfully.


The native born in this sign may suffer from cold, running nose, influenza, eosinophilia, pleurisy, bronchitis and tuberculosis.


The native will have delicate health due to over straining and over taxing.


It represents profession such as detectives, research scholars, editors, journalists, accountants, lecturers, solicitors, professors, businessmen, secretaries, personal assistants, brokers, mathematicians and advertisers.

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