Sep 23 - Oct 22

Physical Appearance:

The natives are generally of tall stature with well-proportioned body, slender but strong limbs and parrot like nose. They are graceful and have humanitarian instincts with cheering appearance and influential personality.

Positive Traits:

They are constructive critics and born diplomats as they express their opinion after duly considering the merits/demerits of the matter under consideration. They have strong intellect, fertile imagination and strong intuition as a result of which they are reasonable and just in maintaining harmony in decision making. They have captivating charms and god gifted qualities of making others feel important and special. They maintain peace of mind at situation where they have lost. They are short tempered but usually become cool quickly. They are highly intellectual and can adopt to changes quickly in life and environment. They are level headed, popular and have spirit of sacrifice in them. They have refined pleasing personality. They are fond of good dress, cosmetics, perfumes and other worldly comforts

Negative Traits:

They are against of being bullied or threatened and they will fight for the same till their last breath even if they are wrong. They are reluctant to face confrontations which gives an impression of their indecisiveness. They are simple and of helping nature, hence others take advantage of their innocence. They love to be admired and respond readily to praise and flattery.

Finance & Fortune:

They have dual income but they earn through legitimate means only. They are spendthrift in general.


They are sincere lover and love emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Their senses are alert, energetic, imaginative and sensuous as a result their partners are always attracted towards them. They love and respect their partners. They enchant and dazzle with charm but may soon lose interest if the partner is not compatible. They have happy and harmonious married life if they marry their love partner. They are gentle and soft with the opposite sex; hence they will be dominated by them.


The native born in this sign may suffer from kidney stone, loins, pain in spine, cancer in uterus, appendicitis, lumbago and hernia.


The native will have normal health but will be prone to infectious disease.


It represents profession such as lawyers, actors, musicians, architects, salesmen and story writers.

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