Mar 21 - Apr 19

Physical Appearance:

The native will be of average height and will possess lean and muscular body (neither stout nor thick). They are of wheaty complexion with expressive eyes, long face and curly Hair.

Positive Traits:

They are natural born leaders and possess executive and administrative ability to deal with odd and trivial situations. They aim to be at the head of all affairs and assert supremacy in all spheres of life. They have strong determination and will power and endure all efforts till success or failure of the event. They are vibrant and enthusiastic and are inclined to act according to their own judgement. They are optimistic and have liberal approach in implementation of logical ideas. They are bold, extrovert and have a strong character with charming personality.

Negative Traits:

They move from one venture to another without completing the earlier venture. They are over optimistic and due to their helping attitude, other persons take undue advantage from them. They are intolerant and makes changes quite often. They are envious and notorious in taking offence at imagined sights. They are short tempered and have quarrelsome attitude. They are very passionate leading to astray or being off track. They are emotional and impatient, hence they get tensed by impediments and obstacles.

Finance & Fortune:

They are not capable of amassing wealth because of their impulsiveness and ever-changing moods. They make rash investments but have the capability of earning much. They think of today but never for tomorrow. They lead a lavish life as a result of which they have less savings.


They are good lovers. They have charming mood and pleasant personality which attracts opposite sex. They desire to dominate the spouse as subordination cannot be accepted in love life. They have strong sex drive. They are enthusiastic partaker of pleasure at all ages. They please their spouse by making impulsive purchase and shopping. They are periodically passionate but affairs may exist before marriage also. They often have delayed marriage, but they prefer to get married with their desired partner only.


The native born in this sign may suffer from frequent headaches, burns, inflammatory diseases, neuralgia, coma, high fever, colic pains, paralysis, apoplexy, pimples, insomnia, ringworms, migraine, smallpox, malaria, and thrombosis.


The native will have good health and will have strong immunity from diseases.


It represents profession such as defence (Military, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, etc), Police, Surgeons, Doctors, Electrical Engineers, Legal Officers and Mechanics.

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