Aug 23 - Sep 22

Physical Appearance:

The natives are generally tall with slender body. They have shrill voice and have curved eyebrows with bushy hair. They often appear to be younger than their actual age. They are very active and walk quickly.

Positive Traits:

They are logical, rational, thorough, methodological and practical in every sphere of life. They are very conscientious and are capable of handling unfavourable situations. They are discriminative and have analytical approach for every situation.

Negative Traits:

They are sensuous, passionate as well as emotional all at the same time. They are keen in observing faults with others and passing sarcastic remarks. They are always disappointed which leads them to skepticism. They have inconsistent behaviour and as such they are not fond of changes. They are talkative and have a habit of consulting everyone. They lack will power and strong determination.

Finance & Fortune:

They have sound commercial instinct and they want to grow rich as quickly as possible. They know the value of money; hence they are careful in making rash investments or lavish spending. They accumulate money in the form of savings and fixed investments.


They have unhappy sexual life and they don’t want their spouse to be demanding in this respect. They take long time in making decision for marriage as such some may remain unmarried throughout the life. They demand perfectness in everything which may lead to quarrelsome and unhappy married life. They always criticize their partners and matrimonial wreck can happen if faults are not ignored. Marriage for these natives is only a partnership instead of bonding.


The native born in this sign may suffer from hypochondria, typhoid, bowels, tapeworm and insomnia.


The native will have good health and will have strong immunity from diseases.


It represents profession such as doctor, auditor, accountant, journalist, teacher, commercial agent, lawyer and statistician.

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