Jun 21 - Jul 22

Physical Appearance:

The native will be of short stature with heavy body, slender limbs, powerful claws and prominent abdomen. The portion of the body above abdomen will be more prominent than the lower parts. The native will walk with a rolling gait/pace.

Positive Traits:

The native will be blessed with elephant memory, especially when they grow older. The native are not only good dictators but they are good listeners also. They are successful in public life and will be honoured thereon. The native will have fertile imagination. The native will nurture persons emotionally by mothering everyone who appears to be in need.  They will not only be sympathetic and courageous but timid also. They will take pleasure in all events of life irrespective of its importance. They are fond of home, family, comforts and travelling and are steadfast in their life.

Negative Traits:

They are over emotional, sensitive and sympathetic as a result of which their mind is full of ups and down like waning and waxing phases of moon. They are sentimental and have exaggerated emotions. They always have the tendency to imagine that others have not shown them respect or courtesy and have hurt their feelings. They are not dynamic and do not accept any changes in spheres of life. They are unable to take quick decisions, hence miss the opportunities due of excessive thinking and identifying the lacuna and benefits of the outcome. They are like bubbles, hence they suddenly appear to be in jolly mood and suddenly they become unhappy. They have high degree of nervous irritability in their nature. They are prone to sudden eruption in anger, but the anger does not last longer.

Finance & Fortune:

They hoard money in the form of bank deposits, insurance policies, speculation, etc. They are generally of miserly nature; hence they spend prudently. They will inherit properties but with difficulties and obstacles.


They prefer monogamous relation and are affectionate and loyal to their love partner. They tend to become unhappy of their own due to their suspicious nature on their love partner as a result of which the relation may come to an end.  Their married life can be successful only if they marry to the partners they love. Their love making style ranges from being sensual to being aggressive.


The native born in this sign may suffer from fragile lungs, flu, cough, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, stomach upset, dyspepsia, flatulence, beri-beri, nervous disability, hysteria, jaundice, gallbladder stone and boils on the chest.


The native will have good health and will have strong immunity from diseases.


It represents profession such as government job, business in liquid products, sale and purchase of jewellery, sailors, sea captains, explorers, judges and ministers.

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