Oct 23 - Nov 21

Physical Appearance:

The native born in Scorpio will be of average stature with well-proportioned body, long hands and broad face. The native will have commanding appearance with good and respectful personality.

Positive Traits:

They are courageous and determined. They have fertile imagination, sharp intelligence and have remarkable intuitive powers. They are hardworking and sincere. They have the tenacity of completing toughest projects where others have lost patience and stamina. They have the capability to overcome all obstacles in their way because of their practical ability in dealing with them. They are kind and will repay generosity.

Negative Traits:

They are revengeful as they have some secrets hidden up in their sleeves by which they beat or disgrace others. They never hesitate in making sarcastic remarks to others and try to prove their supremacy by criticizing others. They have harsh and twisted tongue and are dangerous when they lose control. They are unyielding, selfish, emotional and self-assertive.

Finance & Fortune:

They are extravagant in spending (impulsive purchases) and as such puts the family in difficult situations, as the expenditure is more than income.


The native is highly sexed with seductive abilities and prowess between the sheets. They are possessive in romance and are affectionate and sensuous.


The native born in this sign may suffer from sexual problems, stone in gall bladder and kidney, piles, cancer in uterus, etc.


The native will have good health and will recover from any illness quickly due to strong immunity power.


It represents profession such as occult science, spiritual advancements, research studies, medicine, insurance, defence, police, butchery, detectives and investigators.

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